Who we are

 Karl Wahlin, Ph.D
Director of the Richard C. Atkinson Laboratory for Regenerative Ophthalmology
Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology


Sunayan Ray Ph.D.

Projects: Investigates cell biological aspects of retinal dystrophy. The primary cilia is defective in a variety of retinal degenerations including Ushers syndrome. I am developing CRISPR-Cas9 based fluorescent reporter tools to visualize these defects at the earliest periods. The use of pluripotent stem cells combined with these reporter tools provides a valuable resource to study such defects.  

Melissa Jones Ph.D.







Risa Broyer Ph.D.

Risa is actively investigating studying human retinal ganglion cells in the hopes to better understand glaucoma, a disease that results in permanent vision loss. Towards this goal, she is studying the basic biology of ganglion cell formation as well as translational approaches to preserve ganglion cell function. The later approach, otherwise known as ‘neuroprotection’ is being carried outing collaboration with the Welsbie lab.

Fei Su “Sophia”

Masters Student

Heather Martin

CIRM Intern

Netra Kambli 

CIRM Intern

Melissa Chow

Undergraduate Researcher




Bolin Chen

Undergraduate Researcher

Ryan Anderson

Undergraduate Researcher